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Future Foods Sushi Rice, This classic vine geared, firm, sticky, short-grain white rice is the foundation for all sushi (Sushi” literally means “sour -tasting” in J a p a n e s e ) , It’s o n e o f t h e m ain f a c t o r s t h at separates the so-so sushi from the s teller sushi. The good news is that excellent sushi rice is quite easy to make at home in either a rice cooker, pressure cooker or on the stovetop. And all you need to make it are three basic ingredients! a ) Japanese-style short-grain white rice: Future Foods Sticky, plump and firm textured variety of rice is grown specially for making sushi. b ) Rice vinegar: Future Foods bottle of unseasoned rice vinegar is the perfect rice vinegar to blend with your sushi rice. c ) Sugar: Granulated sugar is traditional for sushi rice. But feel free to sub in your favourite natural sweetener if you prefer.

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